Jun 19 2013

Auralplane M.U.L.E. Redux a finalist in the M.U.L.E. Returns video game song contest!

We do things for fun. This is one of those cases. I’ve been a big fan of M.U.L.E. since it was released in the early 80’s on the Commodore 64.
Its an awesome game that still has a big fan base and active community of players.

Toronto based company Comma 8 Studios is working on a new release of the game called M.U.L.E. Returns. Recently they posted about a song contest, and my friend David Kruger (LeagueOfKruger) and I submitted in our arrangements for review. Lo and behold, my tune was the first of seven finalists to be posted this week! I thought, it’d be more fun if his tune made the cut as well… and it did! Day 2!

End of seven days there will be voting by game fans, etc. I’m looking forward to hearing the other entries too! This is what I call fun. 🙂

Link to my version on their website:

Link to Dave’s version on the website: